Rihana SG - July 2017

Reyhaneh Sviatko Ghavipanjeh (Rihana SG) is originally from Babol which is located in the northern part of Iran. She had studied graphic design and worked as graphic designer but her hobby has always been painting with which she started as a child. Between 2007 and 2013 she lived in Malaysia where she learned a lot about Asian art of which features she mixes with Middle East's style. This can be visible in most of her paintings.  In 2013 she moved to Europe.

Her art is mostly about women and herself. She portrays happiness, purity, sorrow, pain or gender inequality. All feelings or experiences that Middle East women tend to go through in their lives. Colors of her paintings are shiny and bright what expresses her culture and environment - sun, relatives, friendship, sea and forest. Reyhaneh comes from the country with four seasons, different ethnic cultures, traditions or nature.

All portraits that she paints have long neck which is a place where all words or emotions women want to express are blocked. It can be seen that women's eyes are rather shy as they are afraid to look into eyes of people who surround them. There are also various symbols such as fish (purity), pomegranate (heaven) or birds (soul and love).

Through her paintings the author wants to say that the women in Middle East are very sensitive, vulnerable, and dream of a better future. These women believe in good, hope, love and respect. https://rihanasghavipanjeh.wixsite.com/rihana-sg-

Maimana team carefully selects hand-woven and hand-knotted woolen kilims and carpets, where the crucial part plays high-quality natural material and sophistication. By doing so, Maimana supports the ancient tradition that Afghan weavers have brought to perfection. www.maimana.cz/en

We had an article about the art exhibition in the local news raport.cz/aktualne/2017-28-obrazy-a-koberce/2017-07-13