About Us
Born and raised in different country, Laure and Peter met in 1996 in the beautiful city of Paris, thereby setting the first milestone of a common journey in the art world. 
Fortunate enough to evolve in a multicultural environment and travel extensively since then, they have both, yet at their own pace,  developed interest for art in its various forms. 
Today besides their professional career and family, Laure and Peter Szenasy seek ways to help the local community.
In their view, the village of Krivoklat can play a much more important role in the cultural world.
Indeed, their vision is for Krivoklat to become a regional art capital.
With this project, they have made the first steps and are prepared to further commit their time and resources for this vision.
Contact information:
Atelier Krivokl´ART
Krivoklat 143
270 23 Czech Republic